Snappy Holiday Guide
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✨ Happy Holidays from Snappy! ✨

Our all-in-one gifting platform helps you recognize and reward your team members and clients with gifts that delight - every time. We are so excited to have you join us this holiday season!

Check out these helpful tutorials and resources below - and get gifting in minutes!

Holiday Campaign Setup 🎄

After Your Campaign Launches 🚀

Holiday Tips and Tricks 🌟

  • Set Up Your Campaigns Early
    Many people travel during the holiday season, the weather can be unpredictable, and you have a ton to do before the end of the year. Set up your campaign early to avoid the holiday rush and leave the rest to us! To ensure delivery by the holiday, we recommend sending gifts out by Friday, December 8th.

  • Set a Buffer for Your Holiday Budget
    During the holidays, things can be a little crazy. You plan to send gifts out to your team and have the exact number of people to send gifts to and the budget mapped out, but then on December 23rd you’re sent a list of additional people that need gifts and you’ve exhausted your budget. Instead of scrambling, add a smaller buffer to your budget at the time of creating your initial campaign (we recommend between 10-20% around the holidays)!

💡 Pro Tip: Use the Budget Calculator found on the Billing tab → Billing Methods → select the link to our live calculator.

  • Don’t Forget: Name Your Campaign!

    • Naming your campaigns will help you to stay organized, especially during the busy holiday season!

    • After clicking "Send Gifts," in the upper right-hand corner, simply type in the name of the campaign.

    • We recommend naming it in line for the reason for sending (ex. Holiday Gifts 2023, Team Snappy Holiday Gifts, etc.).

Common Holiday FAQs ❓

1) I have a very large team that I’m sending gifts to. How many recipients can I add to a campaign at one time?

You can currently send gifts to 4,000 people for a scheduled campaign. If you need to send more than 4,000, simply duplicate the campaign and upload the additional recipients into the second campaign.

To duplicate a campaign, follow the instructions here.

Please Note: If sending to more than 500 people at once, you’ll need to select “Schedule Gifts” and set it for the next available hour. Gifts exceeding more than 500 recipients cannot be sent using the “Send Now” option.

2) I need to send to different countries with different budgets. Do I have to manually enter in the customizations each time?

To make it super easy for you, simply set up your first campaign with all the customizations, and once it’s created, duplicate the campaign and make the necessary adjustments (add in the new countries and budget).

All the previous customizations from the original campaign will remain in place, so you won’t need to adjust the Wrapping/Greeting/Email sections unless you want to! Then, simply upload each recipient list to the appropriate campaign as normal and send!

3) I need to close out my campaign. What’s the best way to do this?

Closing out a campaign is simple, but we have a few recommendations for you ahead of closing it out to ensure your team can claim the awesome gifts you’re sending!

  • Follow our Claim Rate best practices (we love to see above 85% of gifts claimed!)

  • When following up with your team, use our What is Snappy document for your team to see how easy it is to claim their gift!

  • Include the date that you intend to expire their gifts, so they understand that they have until "X" day to claim their gift

  • Example messaging:

    • Hi Team! We wanted to follow up with you to make sure that you get the holiday gift that we sent to you via Snappy, our gifting partner. These gifts will expire on December 31st, so be sure to claim your gift before then! Attached is additional information on how to claim your gift, and we’ll send out another reminder email shortly so it’s at the top of your inbox. Thank you for everything you do, and wishing you a very happy holiday season!

4) I need to be invoiced for my campaign before the end of the year. How can I do this?

If you need to be billed before the end of the year, we recommend setting up a prepay (if available for your company). Any funds that are left over on your Dashboard can be used for future gifting campaigns! Refunds are also available on request.

Please review if Prepay is available to you by clicking on Billing → Add Billing Method and reviewing the options available for your company, or reach out to

If you are not using a Prepay method and need to request an early invoice to be generated, please follow the instructions in this article.

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