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How to Create Your Holiday Campaign
How to Create Your Holiday Campaign

How to Set Up a Holiday Campaign and Send Gifts

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Welcome to Snappy! 🌟
In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up a holiday campaign and sending out gifts to spread holiday cheer. Let's get started!

Please click here to watch a step-by-step video tutorial on
how to create your holiday campaign! 🎁

Step 1) Access the Campaign Creation Flow

Using the new homepage, click on "Spread Holiday Cheer" to access the campaign creation flow.

Step 2) Name Your Campaign

In the campaign creation flow, click on the text in the upper left-hand corner and choose a name for your campaign. We recommend a name that aligns with the reason for sending.

Step 3) Add Countries

Add the countries where your recipients reside. This will help determine the available gift options for each country.

Step 4) Set a Budget

Choose a budget for your gifts. This will help you manage your expenses for the campaign.

Step 5) Choose a Collection

Take a look at the newly designed collection format. Click on each country to see the available gift options for your recipients. Once you've found the collection you'd like to send, click on "Continue with this collection."

Step 6) Select a Wrapping Experience

Choose a wrapping experience for your gifts. This will provide a fun and interactive experience for your recipients. Select the wrapping option you prefer and click "Next".

Step 7) Customize the Greeting

Add a personalized note to your recipients in the greeting section. You can also choose to record a video message. Enter your message and customize the signature. If you prefer a video, follow the instructions provided.

Step 8) Customize the Email

Customize the email portion of your campaign. Adjust the subject line and title to align with the content of your email. Use the merged tag, @firstname, to personalize the email for each recipient. That way, the system will pull your recipient's first name that is added in the system!

Step 9) Add Recipients

Add recipients to your campaign. If you've already sent a Snappy gift, your recipients will be added automatically. You can search for them in the drop-down menu. For first-time users, click on the person icon to add individual recipients. Don't forget to include the country they reside in.

Upload Recipients in Bulk

If you have a large number of recipients, use the provided template in the Dashboard to add them in bulk. Fill out the appropriate columns and upload the file following the prompts.

Step 10) Review and Send

Review the summary page that provides all the information on your gifts and details. Send yourself a test email to ensure everything looks good. Review your billing details and make any necessary changes. Choose when you'd like to send your gifts. We recommend sending them by December 8th for holiday delivery. Once you've made your selections, click "Send Now" or "Schedule Gifts."

Step 11) Check Campaign Status

To check the status of your campaign, click on the Campaigns tab. You'll see the date and time the campaign is scheduled for. If needed, you can make last-minute edits by hovering over the campaign and clicking "Edit." Once the gifts are sent, the status will change from "Scheduled" to "Sent."

That's it! You've successfully set up your holiday campaign and sent out gifts to spread smiles. If you need any assistance, our support team is always ready to help. Click on the blue question mark icon in the lower left-hand corner of your Dashboard or access our Help Center for more information.

Happy holidays from Snappy! πŸŽ„



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