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How to manage the users on your company Dashboard

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Need help on updating your company users? Please feel free to reference below:

Owners have access to the Company Settings and all accounts on the Dashboard. Managers have access to only assigned accounts and cannot access Company Settings.

To view your user role, select your initials at the top right. It will be listed right below your name.

Dashboard Owner

Select your name at the top right-hand corner to access the user menu → click "Users."

  • Adding Users: Simply click Invite Users. Type in the user's email address. You can either invite them as an Owner or as a Manager with access to assigned accounts.

  • Deleting Users: If you wish to remove a user, simply click Edit → Delete.

  • Editing Users: Once a user is invited to the Dashboard, you can edit which accounts they have access to or change their permissions by hovering over their name and selecting Edit.

  • Resetting 2FA: If a user needs to have their 2FA reset, hover over their user profile → select the 3 dots button → Reset 2FA. This action will initiate an email with 2FA reset notification and instructions for a seamless login experience.

Dashboard Manager

As a Dashboard Manager, you are able to add new users to administer Snappy gifts to clients/employees under the same sub-account.

Follow the steps below for just how to get a new user added:

1) Navigate to the Account Settings tab on the left-hand side of the Dashboard.

2) Click on the “Manage Users” tab → select the “Invite Users” button.

3) Simply type in their email address, and the user will receive a Dashboard invitation via email to access this account!

To remove a Dashboard user, please reach out to your account Owner.

If your Dashboard Owner is no longer with your company, please reach out to our Product Support team via live chat on the Dashboard or our email at

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