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Manage Company Information

How to edit and update your company information

Updated over a week ago

You have the ability to view/edit your company's settings in your Dashboard!

Only account "Owners" can edit the below fields. To find out who the Account Owner is go to Account Settings → Manage Users.

Step 1) Start by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2) Select "General" to view or make any changes to your account.

Here are some of the sections you are able to update:

  • Company Name: This should be your legal company name reflected on invoices and statements

  • Display Name: This is the name that will be displayed in your recipients' gift emails & notifications under the merged tag, @companyName

  • Logo: Add or update your company logo

⭐️ Feel welcome to select into the other sections to make additional updates.

Billing & Payments: Update default billing information / Tax exemption info

Manage Users: Manage user access ( Add or Delete users, Edit their permissions)

Manage Accounts: Edit accounts/ Deactivate accounts

Please Note: Any changes made under the General page will be updated on company-level and will be applied to all sub-accounts under your company Dashboard.

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