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Manage Company Information

How to edit and update your company information

Updated over a week ago

You have the ability to view/edit your company's settings in your Dashboard!

Only account "Owners" can edit the below fields. To find out who the Account Owner is go to Account Settings β†’ Manage Users.

Step 1) Start by clicking your initials at the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard.

Step 2) Select "General" to view or make any changes to your account on the company-level

Here are some of the sections you are able to update:

  • Company Name: This should be your legal company name reflected on invoices and statements

  • Display Name: This is the name that will be displayed in your recipients' gift emails & notifications under the merged tag, @companyName

  • Logo: Add or update your company logo

Feel welcome to select into the other sections to make additional updates.

Billing & Payments: Update default billing information / Tax exemption info

Manage Users: Manage user access (Add or Delete users, Edit their permissions)

Manage Accounts: Edit accounts/ Deactivate accounts

Please Note: Any changes made under the General page will be updated on company-level and will be applied to all sub-accounts under your company Dashboard.

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