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How to Filter Recipients into your Campaign
How to Filter Recipients into your Campaign

How to filter your Recipients tab to view specific groups

Updated over a week ago

Filtering recipients in your recipient list can help you quickly identify specific groups of people based on certain criteria.

Here's how you can filter your recipients:

Step 1) Head to the Recipients tab on your Dashboard and select the “Filters” button.

Step 2) Click on “Add filter” to create a new filter.

Step 3) Choose the field you want to filter by from the drop-down menu.

This can include fields like email, country, or department.

Step 4) Specify the criteria for your filter.

For example, if you want to see a list of employees based in the United States, set the filter to “Country - is one of - United States."

Step 5) Click enter to see the filtered results.

You can also filter recipients within your Spot Rewards or Scheduled Campaigns as well!

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