Add a New Recipient

How to add a new recipient to Dashboard or a specific campaign

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A recipient is a client or employee to whom you wish to send a gift! To add recipients to your Dashboard, you have several options:

Upload file (link to article): Manually add recipients by using the “Upload File” feature on the recipient’s tab. Here's how to do it:

  • Click on the “Upload File” button.

  • Drag and drop your file or choose the file from your computer.

  • Map the fields to the corresponding Snappy fields and confirm the upload.

Manual Input: Recipients can be manually added in various locations on the Dashboard:

  • Recipients tab: Click on the plus icon or upload a file to manually add recipients.

  • Automated & Scheduled campaigns: Upload a recipient file directly into the campaign which will sync with your overall recipient list.

  • Send Gifts flow: On the Recipients step of the flow, click on the plus icon or upload a new file to manually add new recipients.

HR integration: Automatically sync your HR system with the Dashboard to update your recipient list every 24 hours. Reach out to our live chat team to learn more!

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