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How to View a Report of Your Campaign
How to View a Report of Your Campaign

Looking for a general report of your campaign? Click here.

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For each campaign, you will be able to view a general report of your gifts including the thank you notes from each recipient and an overview of the gifts claimed!
Follow the below on how to pull your campaign report:

Step 1: Head to the Campaigns tab

Step 2: Select the 3 dots button to the right of your campaign β†’ View Report

Please Note: You will not be able to view a report until at least one gift has been claimed. Please wait until your gift is claimed for this option to be available.

This report is updated in real-time and visualizes all of the gifts your recipients selected along with any thank-you notes associated with those claimed gifts. You can also download this report to share with your team by clicking "Export to PDF" at the top right-hand corner.

For a more detailed report of each gift under your campaign, head to the Gift Activity tab instead and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Head to the Gift Activity tab

Step 2: Select your campaign

The Gift Activity table will display every gift that has been sent from your account. To view the information for one campaign, please select the campaign drop-down and select your desired campaign.

Step 3: Select "Email Report"

After you select your campaign name, the table will be updated to display the gifts sent from that campaign. Select the "Email report" button at the top right of the Dashboard - a detailed report will be sent to your email for you to reference.

TIP: Make sure that your pop-up blocker within your browser is disabled so that the report can be downloaded.

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