Branded Swag Program

Everything you need to know about sending and managing branded gifts with Snappy.

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What is Swag?

The term Swag refers to items given away by companies promote their brand, specifically decorated with their logo, or slogan. Here at Snappy, we focus more on high perceived value items that can be branded, rather than the wider world of swag. Branded gifts can be sent the same way as our other gifts, and are available in all Campaign types.

Swag is available across all of our pricing plans. Depending on which plan you are on and your use case, there are two main ways to send or manage branded gifts; On-Demand and Bulk Items & Kits.

On-Demand 👕

What Is On-Demand?
On-Demand is a self service tool that allows you to upload a logo, apply it to all the items in our On-Demand catalog, and create a collection, all within a few minutes.

All items in our On-Demand collection are made to order, decorated individually after the recipient selects it. There are several benefits to using On-Demand:

💰 Reduced up front inventory costs: With on-demand swag, there is no need to purchase and store large quantities of merchandise.

📈 Improved accuracy + less waste: Because the gift is printed only after the recipient selects it, you no longer have to estimate quantities and sizes.

✏️ Increased flexibility: Using On-demand allows you to quickly and easily create new designs and products. This means you can create swag for more company milestones and events.

In additional to our regular On-Demand collection, we also have On-Demand Plus.

What Is On-Demand Plus?

On-Demand Plus is an elevated service with access to an expanded collection of items. Certain partners of Snappy’s require a more manual process of setting up the decoration and items for production. That’s where the Snappy Swag team comes in. We will work with you to take your logo, create the items, and set up the collection.

For a detailed guide on how to set up On-Demand or On-Demand Plus, click here.

Bulk Items & Kits

What Is Bulk Items & Kits?
These are items that are purchased in bulk, and stored at our warehouse and fulfillment center. These items can be added to a collection and sent out via a campaign, or you can use the inventory management page to ship multiple items to a specific location. There are several benefits to using Premium for swag:

↕️ Expanded Selection: There are many more options and brands available when purchasing in bulk. We have a variety of curated catalogs that you can browse, and we’re always happy to help source items if you have something specific in mind.

📦 Kitting + Packaging Customization: Create a completely custom unboxing experience, complete with branded packaging, multi-item kitting, and custom cards.

🔍 Full Control: By purchasing items up front, you know exactly what your stock levels are and have the ability to attach items to collections + campaigns, or send in bulk to a specific location.

For a detailed guide on how to set up your Bulk Items & Kits, click here.

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