Instant On Demand Common Questions

Common questions about instant on demand

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What image file formats are supported?

The supported image file formats are .png and .jpg. In most cases, the recommended image file format is a .png with a transparent background (unless the background is a desired part of the print).

Can items be removed from the collection?

Yes, items can be removed by clicking on the remove icon during the collection review step.

How can item colors be selected?

All the available product colors can be viewed by entering the product design tool and navigating to the Product tab. On the Product tab, you will be able to select and unselect the colors you wish to enable or disable. Each item has different color options and some items have only one color available.

How many images can be uploaded?

You can upload a single image for the initial mockup generation step, and you can upload additional images or clipart by editing individual items via the product edit design tool.

Can a collection be edited after it is created?

Yes, a collection can be edited after creation. To do this, please head to the Swag Hub → My Items → select the 3 dots button next to your collection → Edit collection.

Please note that you can only edit and remove existing items at this time. If you wish to add more items that were previously removed, please create a new collection.

Can an item be designed with multiple print placements?

No, only one print placement is available per item.

What Countries are supported with Instant On Demand?

Currently we support the US, EU, UK, CA, AU, and JP. Not all items are available in all countries, so please check your collection to see what is available where.

How long does it take to print and ship an on demand gift?

During normal production periods most items will be delivered in 7-14 business days. During peak (holiday season), those times may be extended. Additionally, delivery to EU countries may have longer transit times.

What happens if an item arrives damaged or misprinted?

We will replace it! Have the recipient reach out to our Customer Experience team ( and they will send a replacement item free of charge.

Can I send a collection that includes both branded and non-branded gifts?

Yes! When you create a collection using the collection creator, we will automatically create a second collection that includes both branded items and Snappy’s Picks.

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