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All About Bulk Items & Kits
Updated over a week ago

What Is Bulk Items & Kits?

These are items that are purchased in bulk, and stored at our warehouse and fulfillment center. These items can be added to a collection and sent out via a campaign, or you can use the inventory management page to ship multiple items to a specific location. There are several benefits to using Premium for swag:

↕️ Expanded Selection: There are many more options and brands available when purchasing in bulk. We have a variety of curated catalogs that you can browse, and we’re always happy to help source items if you have something specific in mind.

📦 Kitting + Packaging Customization: Create a completely custom unboxing experience, complete with branded packaging, multi-item kitting, and custom cards.

🔍 Full Control: By purchasing items up front, you know exactly what your stock levels are and have the ability to attach items to collections + campaigns, or send in bulk to a specific location.

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