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Instant On Demand Logo & Design Guidelines
Instant On Demand Logo & Design Guidelines

Wondering what the best practices are for uploading designs and logos for swag in instant on demand? Here you go!

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Here are some helpful tips for creating the best possible Instant On Demand collection.

1. Use PNG files, with a transparent background.

JPEG files can be uploaded, and are acceptable if the image is a photo. But for company logos, other graphics, and particularly embroidery, PNG is strongly recommended. To illustrate, here is the same graphic using the On Demand collection creation tool, with and without a transparent background:

2. Use a minimum of 150 Dots Per Inch (DPI) or Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

Higher resolution PNGs will print dramatically better, resulting in a crisper, more detailed print. To illustrate, here is the same image, saved at 5 inches wide, with different DPI:

*Notice that at 30 DPI the image is blurry and grainy, while at 300 DPI it is crisp.*

3. Use a larger file.

We recommend using a design/logo that's at least 4000 pixels wide. The combination of a larger design with a high resolution ensures that your design will print crisp and detailed.

4. Embroidered items look best with a simple logo.

Many of the items in our on demand branded collection are embroidered; for example all headwear, bags, polos, and outerwear. Embroidery as a decoration method is distinctly different than other methods, in that the design is created by stitching thread through the fabric.

As a result, fine details are not able to be embroidered, and there is a limit in both the number of colors (maximum of 6) and the total available colors.

We recommend simple designs with no fine detail. You can always upload a separate design for just the embroidered items in the collection creation tool.

Please Note: Embroidered logos with fine text that's less than 0.25″ high and 0.05″ thick will be modified. Text will either be removed, or the size will be increased to the minimum acceptable dimensions

5. Use CMYK for the color profile.

Our partner printers use CMYK machines to print your design on most items.

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