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How to Create an Instant On Demand Collection
How to Create an Instant On Demand Collection

A step by step guide to creating an instant on demand collection

Updated over a week ago

To create an Instant On Demand collection, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Swag Hub tab on the Snappy Dashboard

  2. Create new swag via the Instant On Demand option

  3. Upload the artwork you would like to apply to the items. To learn more about artwork guidelines, click here

  4. Click on “Apply artwork” to automatically generate mockups for all items in our Instant On Demand catalog

  5. Once the mockups are ready, items can be customized further using a design tool. Some of the possible actions via the design tool are to:

  6. Items can be removed from the collection

  7. Once you finished reviewing and editing your items, click save to create your new branded collection

  8. Creating your collection can take a few minutes (just a few), we will send you an email once your collection is ready to be sent

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