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Manage Thank-You Notes Subscribers
Manage Thank-You Notes Subscribers

How to add or remove thank-you note subscribers from your account

Updated over a week ago

Users on the Dashboard are automatically subscribed to receive any Thank-You notes that are left by recipients for that specific account.

You have the ability to either add additional users to receive those Thank-You notes or unsubscribe anyone from them by following the steps below:

Step 1) Navigate to the Account Settings tab

Step 2) Select the Notifications section

  • To add yourself to those notifications, select “Add Yourself” or to add additional users to receive those notifications, select “Add New” and simply type in their preferred email address.

  • To remove yourself or other users from those notifications, simply click on the “X” next to the person's name and click “Yes” to confirm. If you unsubscribe from the notifications, you can always resubscribe again in the future.

Please Note:

  • All Dashboard Owners are automatically subscribed to thank-you notes for all existing accounts.

  • At this time, account users will be automatically subscribed to all thank-you notes for all campaigns under the account. There isn't a way to only receive thank-you notes from a specific campaign.

  • You won't be able to respond directly to a thank you note, but you can always sent a quick email or message outside of Snappy!

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