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Updating billing information

By default, we use the company’s billing information for all invoices unless it was customized on the account or billing method level.

For Dashboard Owners:

Company billing information can be edited by selecting your name at the top right → General → Company Settings → Billing & Payments.

For Dashboard Owners and Managers:

Account billinginformation can be edited on the Account Settings tab on the left side panel.

Billing method information can be edited via the Billing tab by selecting the pencil icon next to your billing method.

When will I get my gift invoice?

Monthly gift invoices are sent on the first business day of each month and will reflect gifts claimed and processed in the prior month.

Where can I find my detailed invoice?

In order to download a detailed version of your invoice, please log into your Snappy Dashboard and follow the below steps:

Select the account for which the invoice was issued to (or select ‘All Accounts’)
Step 1) Navigate to the Billing tab on the left-hand side
Step 2) Click on the Invoices section

Step 3) 🌟 Filter for the desired month 🌟

Please Note: Our invoices are stored by month of activity, so an invoice issued in February will appear under January.

Step 4) Click on “Invoice detail” located on the right.

Alternatively, you can also download a detailed version of the invoice directly from the PDF. Underneath the payment link, you’ll find a link that reads “Click here to see a detailed summary of the invoice in Excel format.” Click on the link and it will download an Excel that provides a detailed breakout of the charges, including the recipient.

For any additional questions about billing, please feel free to reach out to our Finance team at 🚀

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