Campaign Types
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Snappy’s Campaign Types

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, Snappy has the perfect campaign type to make gifting quick, easy, and streamlined for you.

🌟 Spot Rewards:

  • Show appreciation to your recipient on the spot! Spot Rewards are a great option if you want to send gifts immediately or if you plan to use the campaign for ongoing rewards throughout the year. You’ll be able to use the same campaign settings each time or switch it up at the time of sending, making it perfect for occasions such as Employee of the Month, Life Events, or any other individual one-offs.

  • This is also the only campaign type for you to create generate gift codes/links.

📆 Scheduled Gifts:

  • Schedule any gifting occasion in advance! This campaign type is perfect for sending large batches of gifts on a specific date for occasions such as Holiday Gifts, Company Events, Seasonal Celebrations, or Employee Appreciation Day.

🎂 Automated Gifts (Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Hires):

  • Never forget an important date again with our automated gifting capabilities! Our automated campaigns are perfect for celebrating birthdays and service anniversary milestones. Simply upload your recipients’ information (hire date and/or birthday) and the campaign will take care of the rest, automatically sending out gifts to each individual on their special day.

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