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Remaining Balance and Budget Section Breakdown
Remaining Balance and Budget Section Breakdown

A guide on how to understand the Budget section

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The best way to check out your remaining balance is to reference the Budget section under the Billing tab. From there, you will find the Remaining Balance column.

The Budget section is helpful to view information for each billing method such as the starting budget, number of gifts sent, gift sent value, finalized cost, pending charges, and remaining budget. Hover your mouse over the ⓘ for more information about each label.

You can also download the Budget Report at any time to save and reference this information.

Here is a breakdown of the Budget section:

  • Gifts claimed/sent: The number of gifts sent and how many have been claimed so far.

  • Sent Gifts Value: The value of the gifts sent without the Snappy fee or the sales tax %

  • Finalized cost: Actual gift cost including service fee and tax. Updates when invoices are submitted.

  • Pending charges: Estimated charge for gifts that haven’t been invoiced yet. As gifts are claimed, this will decrease.

  • Remaining (USD): Remaining balance after gift costs, fees, tax, and any pending charges. As gifts are claimed, this will most likely increase!

Note: The Finalized cost, Pending charges, and Remaining sections will adjust as invoices are pushed out at the top of the month with the actual cost of the gift claimed and the actual % of the tax on the gift.

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