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How to Add More Funds To Your Billing Method
How to Add More Funds To Your Billing Method

How to add more funds to your existing billing method

Updated over a week ago

In order for the Snappy Dashboard to send out gifts, your billing method must have enough budget to cover your gift send total (including taxes and fees). If your budget is running low at the time of send, your campaign will fail to send those gifts. As a Snappy tip, we recommend checking that there is enough budget for your send by heading to the Billing tab β†’ Budget section. 🌟
To add more funds to your billing method, please follow the steps below.

Step 1) Navigate to the Billing tab

Step 2) Select the pencil icon next to your desired billing method to "Edit"

Step 3) Add more funds or increase your budget limit.

For prepay, please make sure to fund your prepayment after the invoice is generated. Once our Finance team receives the funds, the exclamation mark will disappear and the new funds will be reflected under your Budget section.

Once your funds are updated, you will be able to send additional gifts from this billing method as long as the updated amount covers your gift send total! πŸš€

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