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What Is Instant On Demand?

Instant On Demand is a self service tool that allows you to upload a logo, apply it to all the items in our Instant On Demand catalog, and create a collection, all within a few minutes.

All items in our Instant On Demand collection are made to order, decorated individually after the recipient selects it. There are several benefits to using Instant On Demand:

πŸ’° Reduced up front inventory costs: With on demand swag, there is no need to purchase and store large quantities of merchandise.

πŸ“ˆ Improved accuracy + less waste: Because the gift is printed only after the recipient selects it, you no longer have to estimate quantities and sizes.

✏️ Increased flexibility: Using instant on demand allows you to quickly and easily create new designs and products. This means you can create swag for more company milestones and events.

🌎 30+ supported countries: With our network of local print on demand partners, you can send gifts to the United States, Canada, the European Union, UK, Australia, and Japan, using one collection. Please note, not all items are available in all countries.

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