Employee Birthdays Campaign Setup

A step-by-step on how to successfully create your birthday campaign for automated sends.

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Never forget an important date again with our automated gifting capabilities! Perfect for celebrating your employees’ birthdays.

The Birthday campaign type is meant to automatically send out gifts to your recipients on their exact birthday listed within your recipient entry. For monthly batch sends, please create either a Spot Rewards campaign, or a Scheduled Gift campaign!

Here is a video tutorial on how to set up your automated campaign!

Create your campaign

Select the drop-down arrow next to the blue Send Gifts button at the top → Select "Birthday."

Step 1) Campaign Settings

  • Start date: Select the date & time for when you’d like your campaign to “activate.” Once the date & time rolls around, your campaign will sending out gifts from that point forward to eligible recipients on their exact birthday.

Select your countries, gift budget, and collection. Only one collection can be selected. The collection at the chosen budget will be sent to your recipient, and they will claim an item from the list.

Please Note: Start date simply means the date and time you wish the campaign to activate. It does not mean that the campaign will send out gifts at that exact date and time. The campaign will only send a gift to your recipient on their birthday at around 14:30 UTC.

Step 2) Gift Studio

This is where you can customize each part of your gift experience.

  • 📧 Email Page: If your recipient has an email, then they will receive a Snappy in their inbox! This is where you can customize the email message before they click the button in the email to claim their gift.

  • 🎁 Reveal Page: Once your recipient clicks the button, “Get my gift,” they will access their gift link and be shown a fun reveal page! The Birthday reveal page is set as the default, but you can select the one to your liking.

  • 📄 Greeting Page: This is where the bulk of your personalized message should go! Just like how gifts have personal notecards, your Snappy gift should have a personalized greeting as well. Please click here and input your lovely message. Alternatively, you can also upload a video greeting instead!

  • ➕ Advanced Page: Click here to view any other sections you would like to edit such as the Thank you headers, add a hyperlink, or edit your gift title!

Step 3) Recipients

There are multiple ways to add your recipients to your campaign: Build a Recipients List or Dynamically Add.

Build a Recipients List:

This option allows you to select a specific set of recipients to be included in your campaign. You will manually need to add your recipients as needed.

  • Manually select: If you would like to manually select recipients to be added to your campaign, select this option.

  • Upload a file: If you have a spreadsheet file of your recipients and would like only those people from the list to be added, please upload a file instead! The required fields are First Name, Last Name, Email or Phone Number, Country, and Birthday. Please use 2-letter country code for country.

Dynamically Add:

This option pulls your existing recipients from your main Recipients tab (roster). As more recipients are added to your main Recipients tab, they are also synced and added to your Birthday campaign as well.

  • Everyone in the account: If you wish to sync everyone from your main Recipients tab to your Birthday campaign, please select “Dynamically added” to pull everyone who has an email or phone number listed into the campaign.

  • Create Filters: If you want to create a rule/filter that pulls from your main Recipients tab into your Birthday campaign, select this method to add them. You can add a rule to pull recipients from specific countries or departments.

💡 TIP: We recommend selecting "Dynamically Add" to add your recipients to the Birthday campaign so that everyone who is added to your main Recipients tab is considered for a gift! Since the recipients roster is synced, you can add/remove a user as needed. That way, you don't have to manage your list from both the Recipients tab and your campaign separately to save time and effort!

Step 4) Review & Launch

The final step is to review your campaign and launch. Please review the final page and make sure all campaign details are correct.

  • Send yourself a test email and/or preview the gift! The test email will show you what your email recipients will receive, and the gift preview will show you what it looks like starting from the wrapping experience.

  • If you do not have a billing method added, please add one now at this step. Please make sure that your billing method has enough funds to cover your gifts. If not, the campaign won't be able to send a gift to your recipient.

Once everything looks good, please select the “Launch” button to launch your campaign. It will only start sending gifts to eligible recipients from the scheduled start date on their exact birthday. Please note that your scheduled start date must start from the day you launch it or after. The campaign does not capture previous dates to send retroactive birthday gifts to missed recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time do the gifts get sent? Can I adjust it?
    All gifts from our automated campaigns will be sent at around 14:30 UTC to eligible recipients. This cannot be adjusted at this time.

  2. Does the campaign send out any retroactive gifts after I launch it?
    No, the birthday campaign is set to only send future gifts on your recipient’s exact birthday.

    If you would like to send retroactive gifts to your recipients, please head to the Campaigns tab → Hover over your Birthday campaign → Select "Send More" → Add your recipient and send the missed gift(s).

    If you need to view a projection of the gifts for the year (for both missed gifts and upcoming gifts), please head to the Projections tab by selecting the 3 dots button → "View Projections."

  3. Will the campaign send to everyone on my list at once when I select the launch button?
    We understand your concern, but no need to worry! The gifts will not be sent immediately. The campaign will only send to your recipients on their actual birthday. The number of recipients is simply to confirm that those recipients are included in your campaign!

  4. What if I don’t know my recipient’s birth year?
    No worries at all! Although our required format for birth date is MM/DD/YYYY, you can input any year starting from the previous year. If you input MM/DD, then the system will automatically assign a random year for your recipient during the upload.

  5. When should I make multiple Birthday campaigns?
    There are a few reasons why you should create multiple campaigns.

    • If your recipients need to be sent a different collection from each other. (Ex. Snappy’s Picks (for serviceable countries) vs. Snappy Digital (for non-serviceable countries))

    • If your campaign set-up is for recipients in a different department. (Ex. Marketing vs. Product)

  6. Can I see which recipients are going to be sent a gift and when? How can I get a projection of the year?
    Yes, absolutely! You can actually view this information for the whole year, as well as by month by heading to the Billing tab → Select the “Projections” section. You can also export a report of the calendar view or table view if you wish.

  7. How long is my campaign active for? Is it only active for the year I created it?

    Once a birthday campaign is launched, it will be live year after year until it is manually paused by the admin. This way, you won’t have to create a campaign for each year! Simply stick with one birthday campaign, and you are good to go for the following years.

    If you wish to inactivate your campaign for any reason, please head to the Campaigns tab → Select the 3 dots button to the right of your campaign → Pause.

  8. Is there an expiration date for the gifts?

    There are no expiration date for birthday gifts. However, you can manually expire a gift via the Gift Activity tab. Simply select the checkbox next to your recipient’s name → Expire Gifts.

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