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How to Configure your HR Integration
How to Configure your HR Integration

Once your initial HR Connection is complete use this guide to help Configure your integration

Updated over a week ago

HRIS Integrations is only available for Elevated or Enterprise accounts.


The Steps in this guide can only be accomplished AFTER your initial HR Integration has been made, please reference the help article titled "How to Connect your HR System" if you have not yet connected your HR system.

Configuring your HR Integration
Configuring your HR Integration makes sure only the data you want to sync is added to the Snappy dashboard.
​Step 1
Make sure you are under the "All Accounts" view. To access this, select the Account dropdown at the top left-hand corner of your Dashboard.

Step 2

Locate the Configuration button on your new HR Integration by clicking the three dots next to your integration that is "Pending Configuration"

Step 3

Name your data set

​Step 4

Decide if you want to filter employees by location or department.

Step 5

Select which locations or departments you want to sync and which sub-accounts in Snappy you want to make those employees accessible by.

Step 6

Click "Start Sync" to begin syncing your data between your HR System and Snappy Gifts.

Step 7

Click on the Recipients tab to see that your new data set has been created!

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