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What to do if you are "missing" recipients from your HR Integration.
What to do if you are "missing" recipients from your HR Integration.

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot missing recipients from your HR integration.

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1. Identify the missing users.

Go to the Recipients tab and click on your HR Integration.

Make a list of all recipients who are missing. If the recipients have something in common, like they are from the same department or location, make a note of that as well.

2. Re-Sync your Integration.

Try re-syncing your integration. This is an important first step in the troubleshooting process. A full re-sync means all of the data is as up to date as possible. The best way to do this is by clicking into your "Configuration..."

and then clicking "Start Sync."

3. Check your Configuration.

From the Integrations tab, click on the ellipses next to your integration and click "Configuration."

Make sure that the missing recipients are not associated with a Department or Location that is unchecked. Make note of which departments and locations are not being syncing with Snappy.

4. Double check your HR system.

Look up the missing users in your HR system and make sure the following is true.

  1. Employment Status is Active.

  2. Location matches a synced location in Snappy.

  3. Department matches a synced department in Snappy.

  4. API access permissions are correctly enabled.

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