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Exporting Thank You Notes
Exporting Thank You Notes
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After your recipient claims their gift, they can choose to submit a thank-you note! ❤️
Although you can view the most recent thank-you notes from the Gift Activity tab, you can also choose to download them in one document to review with your team!

Here is a video tutorial on how to pull a report of your campaign.​

There are two ways to download your thank-you note reports:

To export your Thank you notes for specific campaigns please follow these steps:

⭐ Start from the Campaigns tab.

⭐ Click the 3 dots button to the right of the campaign, and select “View Report

⭐ Click on the option that says “Export to PDF

⭐ This will download a PDF report that shows gift details, including Thank you notes!

To export your Thank you notes for all campaigns, follow these steps:

⭐ Start from the Gift Activity tab.

⭐ Click the blue “Email Report” button to the right.

⭐ You’ll see a notification confirming that a report has been sent to your email. Head to your inbox to open the link in the email from Snappy.

⭐ Download the linked file for a detailed report which will include a Thank you note column.

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