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What is the Gift Activity page?
What is the Gift Activity page?

An explanation of the Gift Activity page

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The Gift Activity page is an overview of all the gifts that were sent from your account. This page gives you an overall historical look into how your campaigns are performing.

On this page, you’ll be able to review who received gifts, the date the gift was sent, how the gift was sent, where the gift was sent to, and the budget for each gift.

You can also review any Thank You Notes sent by your recipients in real-time too!

You have the ability to filter to specific campaigns or specific time periods to take a closer look into your different gifting initiatives as well. To do this, simply click the Campaign dropdown to look into the activity of a specific campaign or filter via the Send Date.

Gifts Table: You can easily track how many gifts you have sent, how many gifts have been claimed, and any unclaimed gifts historically, per send period, or per campaign via the Gifts Table.

Gift Status You are able to track your recipient’s gifting journey from the time a gift is sent, all the way through to the gift ultimately being claimed. There are two main statuses Claimed and Unclaimed. Within the Unclaimed status, there are a few sub-statuses,

Take a look at these gift statuses and their definitions below:

  • Claimed: Recipient claimed the gift and it’s either on the way or in their hands. 🚚

  • Unopened: Recipient hasn’t opened their Snappy email. 📫

  • Opened: Recipient opened the email but did not get the gift selection page. 📬

  • Unwrapped: Recipient navigated all the way to the gift options page but has not chosen a gift. 📭

  • Expired: Recipient can not claim a gift as the link has expired. ⏰

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