How to Resend a Gift

Need to send your recipient a gift reminder? Here's how.

Updated over a week ago

Snappy automatically sends a gift reminder to your recipients to remind them to claim. However, you also have the option to manually resend them a gift straight from the Dashboard!

How to Resend a Single Gift

Head to the Gift Activity tab → Hover over your recipient's entry → select the blue Resend button on the right.

Resending a gift does not send a second gift. It will simply send the same gift to the recipient's inbox as a reminder to claim!

How to Bulk Resend Gifts

Head to the Gift Activity tab → click the checkbox next to the Recipient recipients' names whose gift you would like to resend → select Resend Gifts to bulk resend gifts.

How to Resend All

To resend all unclaimed gifts, simply click the Resend All button on the unclaimed gifts section of the gifts table.

Click here to resend a gift to a different email.

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