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What Do the Gift Statuses Mean?
What Do the Gift Statuses Mean?
Updated over a week ago

On your Gift Activity table, you will be able to see the status for each of your sent gifts.

Here is a list of the definition for each gift status:

  • Claimed: Recipient claimed the gift and it’s either on the way or in their hands. 🚚

  • Unopened: Recipient hasn’t opened their Snappy email. 📫

  • Opened: Recipient opened the email but did not get the gift selection page. 📬

  • Unwrapped: Recipient navigated all the way to the gift options page but has not chosen a gift. 📭

  • Expired: Recipient can not claim a gift as the link has expired. ⏰

Unclaimed gifts refer to all gifts that have not been claimed, including unopened, opened unwrapped, and expired. For unclaimed gifts (that are not expired), please feel free to manually trigger a resend.

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