How to Send a Surprise Gift

Want to send your recipient a mystery gift? Here's how.

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Want to surprise your recipient with a mystery gift? Here's how!

Step 1: Toggle on the "Specific Gift" option

Within the first step of your campaign set-up, select "Specific Gift' on the right-hand side

Step 2: Choose the collection

Adjust the collection, quantity, and budget.

Step 3: Select the gift

Hover over the gifts and select the image of the item to review the details. Once you find a gift you like...

Step 4: Make it a surprise!

Toggle on the "Send this gift as a surprise" button and then select, "Choose This Gift' to confirm

Recipients will receive the gift email letting them know they’ve been sent a surprise! They won’t see the gift, itself until it arrives at the address they’ve entered at checkout.

Gift preview:

Please Note: This option is only available in the US!

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