Sending Gifts: One-offs or Scheduled Gifts

A guide on how to send gifts!

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With the "Send Gifts" button, you will be creating a new campaign to send a one-off gift or scheduled gift send.
To send gifts from an existing campaign, please head to the Campaigns tab β†’ hover over your campaign β†’ select "Send More."
Let's get started! πŸš€

Here is a video tutorial on how to create your campaign!

Step 1) Select the blue "Send Gifts" button

This is located at the top right of the Dashboard.

Step 2) Gift

On this step, you will need to adjust your general campaign settings. You can change your campaign name, select your desired collection & budget, and select a suggested gift! If you wish to come back to this campaign later, please select "Save Draft" at the top right-hand corner. 🌟

If you are sending to multiple countries, please make sure to select the respective countries in the country drop-down. From here, you will be able to browse through that country's unique collection by selecting the flag icon as shown below.

Please Note: You can only select one collection for your send, so feel free to click around and see which collection you like best! At this time, collections cannot be customized.

Step 3) Wrapping

Select the digital wrapping experience for your gift! We have a variety of different wrapping experiences for any occasion. Please feel free to browse through the experiences and select the one that best first the sentiment for your gift.

πŸ’‘ TIP: If you see a pencil icon pop-up while hovering over a wrapping option, that means that you can further customize the colors and/or pattern! This option is only available for Elevated and Enterprise tiers.

Step 4) Greeting

Add a personalized greeting message to both your email and greeting template! Simply hover over each selection, select the text box and start typing! If nothing is changed here, then Snappy's default message will used for your recipients' gifts.

  • The first section for you to edit is the general Greeting. Similar to a heartfelt notecard when receiving a flower delivery, this is the digital greeting that will appear right before your recipients go to select their gift! We recommend adding a note to make your gift extra special. ✨
    Alternatively, you can also select the "Switch to Video" option at the top to upload a video greeting instead! This will replace your text greeting.

  • The second section when you scroll down is the Email template. If your recipient is receiving their gift via email, your recipient will see this page before accessing their gift link.

πŸ’‘ TIP: When sending gifts, especially batch gifts, we recommend keeping the merged tag, @firstname to address your recipient. This will pull your recipient's first name that is listed in the system. This helps personalize the gifts so that your recipients can feel special when opening their email or gift link! 😊

Step 5) Recipients

Add your recipients! There are multiple ways of adding your recipients to your gift send. Listed are the different methods.

  • Search and select: for your recipients to be added to your campaign/gift send. This will pull employees/clients from who currently exists in the main Recipients tab of your Dashboard. To add them to the send, click the "Add" button as shown below.

  • Filter your recipients: Your recipients can be pulled from the main Recipients tab via a filter. For example, if your roster has recipients coded to different departments, you will be able to filter for your campaign to only pull recipients from the "Customer Success" Department.

  • Quick add: If your recipient is not already yet added to the main Recipients tab, select the quick add button over to the right to add a new recipient entry. Once it's created, they will also be added to the main Recipients tab.

  • Upload a file: This is best for batch gift sends. If you have a spreadsheet with your recipients for your send, please feel free to upload a file instead! If you need a template to work from, please feel free to select the "Template" button.

Please Note: The required fields needed for your spreadsheet are: First Name, Last Name, Email or Phone Number, and Country (please input 2-letter country code). All other fields are optional and can be ignored or removed.
The Snappy Dashboard may not accept all fields you list in your spreadsheet, so please make sure to double-check with our template. If you upload your list with a different field header, you can simply adjust that on the "matching fields" step of the Upload Wizard.

πŸ’‘ TIP: If your recipients do not have either email and phone number, you can also choose to Generate Links or Generate Codes by selecting the delivery method drop-down (Send via) β†’ select one or the other. You will notice that the template will be different since this will require less recipient information.

Step 6) Summary

Review your campaign details to ensure that everything is good to go!

  • Send yourself (or your manager) a test email to preview the gift experience.

  • Select the date & time you wish to send out your gifts.

  • Add an expiration date for your campaign

  • Confirm the billing method or switch billing methods

🚨 Please make sure your billing method has enough to cover your entire gift send. If your balance is below the estimated total, your campaign will not be successfully sent on the selected date & time.


Once everything is ready to go, select the blue "Send Gifts" or "Schedule Gifts" button to complete your gift send.

Happy Gifting! 🎁

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