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How to Send More Gifts from an Existing Campaign
How to Send More Gifts from an Existing Campaign

A step-by-step on how to send a new gift to an additional recipient.

Updated over a week ago

If a campaign has already been launched, but individuals were missed, you will need to send them a One-Off! To send a One-Off gift, please follow the below steps! 🎁

Here is a video tutorial on how to send more gifts from an existing campaign.

Step 1) Navigate to the Campaigns Tab

Select the Campaigns tab from the left-hand side of the Dashboard.

Step 2) Select "Send More"

Hover over the campaign you'd like to send from β†’ select the blue "Send More" button.

Step 3) Add Your Recipient(s)

Once you are under the send gift page for your campaign, simply skip to the recipients step and add your recipient(s) to the gift. If they aren't already added to the Dashboard, you can press the tiny (+) plus sign to add them on the spot.

Please Note: You won't need to make any changes to the budget or collection, and you can leave the greeting message field blank. It will pull all of the same details from your campaign, and you can verify the details in the preview gift before sending off your gift! πŸš€

Step 4) Send Your Gift!

Confirm your gift details under the summary step and send!

Happy Gifting! 🎁

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