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Creating Gift Codes/Gift Links

How to create gift codes or gift links for Snappy gifts

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Want to send someone a gift but don’t have their email address or phone number? No problem. With our gift codes and gift links feature, you can create unique links or codes for your recipients so they too can experience the delight of a Snappy gift! 🎁

Once logged into the Dashboard, simply follow the steps below to generate these unique codes or links for recipients!

Step 1) Select the blue "Send Gifts" button

This is located at the top right of the Dashboard.

Step 2) Gift

On this step, you will need to adjust your general campaign settings. You can change your campaign name, select your desired collection & budget, and select a suggested gift!

Step 3) Wrapping

Select the digital wrapping experience for your gift! We have a variety of different wrapping experiences for any occasion. Please feel free to browse through the experiences and select the one that best first the sentiment for your gift.

Step 4) Greeting

Add a personalized greeting message to your and greeting template! Simply hover over each selection, select the text box and start typing! If nothing is changed here, then Snappy's default message will used for your recipients' gifts.

Please Note: Since your recipient will not be receiving their gift via an email, you can skip the greeting portion under the email template design.

Step 5) Recipients

Select your delivery method! Here, you will be able to Generate Links or Generate Codes by selecting the delivery method drop-down (Send via) β†’ select one or the other. Feel free to download the recipient template for your send.
​Only first names are required for your template. If you wish to include your recipient's first and last names within the greeting, you will just need to include both the first and last name under the "First Name" column.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you don't have a first name, please feel free to use "Guest" as the first name as a placeholder.
​Please Note: that any fields in your gift that uses "@firstname" will pull in "Guest" as the recipient. Feel free to edit your campaign by either removing the @firstname field and change your greeting, or remove it entirely.

Step 6) Summary

Review your campaign details to ensure that everything is good to go! Once you select, "Generate Gift Links/Codes," a file of the gift links or gift codes will be sent to your inbox!

Please Note: Make sure that your campaign is selected to "Send now" instead of "Schedule for later." You won't be able to generate gift links or codes if your campaign is scheduled. If the option to create gift links and gift codes are not available to you on the Recipients step, please skip to the Summary step and make sure "Send now" is selected.


How do I generate QR codes?

At this time, Snappy does not generate QR codes. If you wish to create QR codes for Snappy gifts, please generate gift links from Snappy first and then use another website to generate links β†’ QR codes.
​My gift code/link file has expired. How do I download another file?
Please head to the Gift Activity tab β†’ select the "Email Report" button located on the right-hand side. This will send a new file of your gifts along with their gift links and gift codes.
​What is the gift code redemption site?
Attached is a PDF for you to send to your recipients!

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