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How to Connect with Zapier
How to Connect with Zapier

How to set up a Snappy gifts via Zapier

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Please follow the steps below on how to set up your Snappy gift send via Zapier. We recommend downloading the PDF guide below to reference while setting up your Zap!

Step 1) Create a Zap in the top left-hand corner of your Zapier Dashboard

Step 2) Choose the app you’d like to ‘Trigger’ a Snappy gift from - this could be one of the 2000+ apps on the Zapier store. For example, you could choose Typeform if you wanted to trigger a gift to everyone who completed a survey.
Step 3) Click on the “+” sign and Search for Snappy Gifts
Step 4) You’ll be asked to select an Action, we only have 1 option so go ahead and select “Send Gifts”

Step 5) Next, you’ll be asked to Connect your Snappy account. A pop-up window will open where you can login using the same credentials you use to access your Dashboard.
Step 6) Use the dropdown to select the campaign you’d like to send your gift from.

Step 7) Choose a delivery method.
Mail- means an email coming from the Snappy system **recommended

Link- means a link will be generated in Zapier that you can use in subsequent actions. We recommend Slack, MS Teams, or your own email provider.
Step 8) Fill in the Gift Recipient data. You’ll most likely want to use data from a previous step. Use the dropdowns to select what data you want to use.
Step 9) Once confirmed, Zapier will test your Zap to make sure it’s working. Just click “Test & Continue”
Step 10) If the test was successful, all that’s left to do is “Turn on Zap”

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