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Scheduled Gifts with 0 Gifts Sent
Scheduled Gifts with 0 Gifts Sent

How to update your campaign to send out gifts successfully!

Updated over a week ago

Did you receive an email notification letting you know that your Scheduled campaign failed to send? Do you see that your scheduled campaign is "Sent" but there are 0 gifts under the "Gifts Sent" column? One of the main reasons for a failed gift send is if the billing method's available (remaining) balance is lower than the gift total.

For example, if the billing method assigned to your campaign has $500 available, but your gift total (plus tax + fee) is $625, then the system won't be able to successfully send out your gifts.

Here are the steps on how to troubleshoot your campaign and how to get your gifts sent out asap!

Step 1) Navigate to your Campaign's editing page

Head to the Campaigns tab → Hover over your campaign → Select the 3 dots button to the right → Edit

Step 2) Review your gift total

Your gift total will appear under the Summary page of final step of your campaign.

Step 3) Review your billing method

The selected billing method will most likely be under your estimated total. To update this, please select "Change" to switch to another billing method that has enough funds or edit your budget by going back to the Billing tab.

Step 4) Update the campaign to "Send Now" and retrigger your gift send!

Once your billing method is updated, please head back to your Campaign → Summary step → select "Send Now" to send your gifts immediately → Select the blue "Send & Save Changes" button to trigger your gifts to be sent out asap!

If you have reviewed your campaign and these steps still don't work, please feel free to reach out to our Product Support Team via live chat (at the bottom left-hand corner of the Dashboard).

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