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Snappy Emails Are Not Being Received
Snappy Emails Are Not Being Received

Not receiving Snappy emails? Review the steps here on how to troubleshoot the issue.

Updated over a week ago

Not receiving your test email or password reset?

Please follow the steps below on how to successfully receive all Snappy emails.

  1. Add our Approved List of networks

    The approved list provides access to specified IP addresses and programs when your security policy would otherwise prevent that access. If your server policy allows all outbound http/https communication to any IP address or website, you do not need to make any changes. However, if your server policy denies access to most or all external IP addresses and websites, you must configure an approved list to enable some features to work. Please pass along our approved list networks to your IT team to ensure that all Snappy emails can be received by both admins and recipients.

  2. Check your spam folder for any emails from

    Most Snappy emails will be coming from, including Snappy gifts, test emails for campaigns, and password resets. Please check your spam folder in case the email filtered out of your inbox.

  3. Reach out to our Product Support Team

    If you have actioned the two steps above and still run into issue, please reach out to our Product Support team via live chat or email at so that we can further investigate the issue!

TIP:💡 Sometimes, your company's firewall network may be updated which can cause future Snappy emails from being delivered, even though they were successfully received before. We highly recommend making sure that our networks are approved periodically to ensure that all Snappy emails are being delivered successfully.

If your recipient has already claimed their gift and has a gift-related issue,
please click here instead.

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