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Understanding Snappy's gift collections

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Our live, dynamic collections are at the heart of the Snappy experience and offer a range of amazing gifts for your recipients to choose from. Specially curated by our Gift Curation team, these collections are constantly evolving to ensure freshness and available inventory.


Listed are the available collections via the "Send Gifts" button at the top of the Dashboard.

  • Snappy Picks (Global)

  • Rising Voices (US)

  • Birthday (Global)

  • Snacks (Global)

  • Health & Wellness (US & Canada)

  • President's Club (Global)

  • Work-From-Anywhere (Global)

  • Care(Global)

  • Newborn (Global)

  • Gifts that Give Back(Global)

  • Seasonal (Global)

  • Digital Offerings (Global)

  • Branded Swag (US) - for an additional fee. If you are interested in branded swag, please reach out to our team at

🌟 Please Note: All collections are dynamic and items are subject to change due to inventory, trends, seasons, and popularity. Not everything is guaranteed to stay the same, so we ask admins to let their recipients know to claim their gifts as soon as they see something they like or it might be gone the next day. If a recipient doesn't see something they like today, they can check back in a few days and they may see something new that catches their eye!

Can I customize a collection? Can I combine a collection?

At the moment, you can only choose one collection per gift send. While we are not currently offering collection customization, we would love to mention that we have a skilled Curation team working around the clock to analyze trends and find the most exciting new products on the market. Our gift collections are dynamic and update in real-time so you'll continue to see new items get added! 🎁

We'll also proactively update collections based on pricing and availability to ensure your recipients select options that can ship quickly and are within your chosen budget range. Our Gifts Curation Team works diligently to curate each collection so your recipients always have a wide variety of options to choose from!

You will be able to select a "Suggested gift," for the item to appear in your recipient's gift message, however, your recipient will still be able to "Choose more gifts" and view the full collection to pick an item of their choice.

Our team is committed to consistently improving our gift options, so your thoughts are most appreciated. If there are specific gifts you would love to start seeing in the collections, please feel welcome to pass along that feedback! πŸ˜ƒ

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