How to calculate your budget to ensure that all gift sends run smoothly

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Calculating Campaign Budgets

To calculate your campaign budget, simply multiply the number of gifts by the gift budget and Snappy's service fee, and another 10% estimated tax on top of that. If sending internationally, it is recommended to add an additional 10% for taxes.

⭐️ [Gift total + Snappy fee] + 10% Estimated Tax = New total ⭐️

Gift total = Gift Budget per person x Number of Recipients

💡TIP: It is sometimes tricky to accurately estimate the number of recipients in advance, so we suggest adding 5-10% to your billing method budget as an additional buffer, to account for last-minute additions to campaigns.

After the recipient claims a gift, the final price of the gift selected is calculated plus Snappy’s fee and exact taxes based on each recipient’s address. Any difference between this and the estimated cost calculated when sending is returned to your available balance.

Can I get a refund for my balance?

Refunds can be requested up to 12 months from the original deposit date and then they become nonrefundable. Funds can still be used for an additional 6 months and then expire 18 months from the original deposit date, at which point they can no longer be used.

If a refund for unused funds is requested within the timeframe noted above, Snappy will issue a refund within 14 days in the same form as the original payment method. Please note all outstanding gifts on the billing method will need to be expired before refunds are initiated. Please reach out to help@snappy.com to request a refund.

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