How to Expire a Gift

How to expire or cancel a gift from being claimed

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We typically do not expire gifts at Snappy. The reasoning behind this is we want to ensure your recipients have ample time to browse through our collections and select the gift they love the most. For this reason, gifts do not automatically expire but you are able to manually expire gifts via the Dashboard if needed.

How to Expire a Single Gift

To expire a single gifts
1) Navigate to the Gift Activity Tab
2) Search for your recipient and hover over their entry
3) Select the 3 dots button to the right
3) Click the red “Expire” button

Once it's expired, your recipient will no longer be able to claim their gift.

How to Expire Multiple Gifts at Once

1) Navigate to the Gift Activity Tab

2) Select the checkbox to the left of your recipients' names
3) Select "Expire Gifts" at the top of the table
3) Confirm the expiration

💡TIP: To bulk-expire gifts from a specific campaign, filter for your campaign first → check off the box next to the "Recipient" column → select all recipients → "Expire Gifts."

How to Bulk-Expire All Gifts on the Dashboard

1) Navigate to the Gift Activity Tab

2) Select the checkbox next to the "Recipient" field
3) Click "Select all recipients"
4) Select "Expire Gifts"

5) Confirm the expiration

Only unclaimed (opened, unopened, unwrapped) gifts will be expired. Any claimed gifts will remain as claimed.

Any funds from the expired gift are left as a balance on your account under the original billing method to be used towards any future gift sends. You can review these on our Billing tab → Budget section.

Unfortunately, you are unable to un-expire a gift that has already been marked expired for a recipient! As a Snappy recommendation, please send a new gift at the budget the gift was sent at so that the recipient may claim the one they love. For instructions on how send a gift from an existing campaign, please click here.

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