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Customizing Your Gift Email Template
Customizing Your Gift Email Template

How to edit and customize the messaging for your gift emails

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The claim email is the first thing your recipients will see after you send your gift, and the template is entirely customizable based on the reason for sending it!

From within your campaign's editing page, head to Step 2: Gift Studio, and you will automatically be brought to the Email tab.

Here is a video tutorial on how to customize your campaign.

1) Email Subject Line

This is the first field. The default message is, “Hi @firstname, @companyname got you a gift!” The @firstname section will automatically pull the first name from your uploaded recipient list, and the @companyname will pull from the parent company name.

💡 TIP: You can type in the "@" symbol to see the different merged tag options available. Using the "@" symbol in any part of the Gift Studio will provide you with the same list to choose from!

To edit your subject line, simply click into this field and start typing. We recommend keeping the @firstname, followed by a short description for sending.

For example:

2) Email Body

Logo: The next field is the logo, which will again default to the parent logo that your Dashboard is under. If your team has a specific logo, feel free to click the logo and upload it here!

Content: The next three fields are entirely customizable as well. To adjust the text for any of these fields, simply click into the field and begin typing.

*If these fields are left as is, the default text will appear on the recipient’s email. To revert back to the default text, simply delete your custom text within the field.

3) Email GIF

Finally, we include a default Snappy GIF in each email. However, you have the opportunity to upload a new GIF or image to the default GIF at the bottom of the email if you’d like!

Congratulations! You’ve now customized your recipient email. Happy Gifting! 🎉

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