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How to Resend a Gift to a Different Email/Number
How to Resend a Gift to a Different Email/Number

Step-by-step on resending a gift to an updated email.

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Accidentally sent a gift to the wrong email or number? Need to resend a gift to an updated one? No worries at all! Please follow the steps below.

Please click here to watch a video tutorial instead!

Step 1) Edit your recipient's email ✏️

Head to the main Recipients tab → search for your recipient's name/email → hover over their entry → Edit. Update the email to your recipient's correct email → save.

🛑 Note: Make sure to edit the original email entry that is linked to your recipient's gift.

If you delete the original entry and add a brand new entry with the updated email, the system won't be able to link the new entry to the gift.

Step 2) Resend the gift 📩

Once that's updated, please head to the Gift Activity tab → search for your recipient's entry → hover over their gift → Resend.

🚨 Please Note: You will need to RESEND the gift FIRST in order for our system to send it to their updated email. The email that is currently populating the table is the email that it was last sent to.

The same steps apply if you need to update a recipient's phone number and resend their gift.

Step 3) Refresh your webpage 🔁

The updated email will be reflected after you refresh your webpage.

How to Resend a Gift to a Different Delivery Method

Need to resend the gift via SMS instead of email or vice versa?

In order to resend it to another method, you will need to head into the recipient's information under the main Recipients tab and remove the information from the delivery method that you don't want to send it to, leaving only the information that you do want.

Save the information and head to the Gift Activity tab to resend the gift. The system will resend the gift to whichever information is on file. Once resent, please refresh your webpage and the changes will be reflected. ✨

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