Closing Out a Campaign

Step-by-step instructions on how to "close out" a campaign

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Some campaigns are created for a specific event such as holiday gifting or Employee Appreciation Day. Once the event is over, some companies will need to close out the campaign and finalize costs.

To successfully close out a campaign, please follow the steps below.

1) Expire all unclaimed gifts ⏱️

All gifts sent from your campaign must either be claimed or expired. Before expiring your gifts, we always recommend giving your recipients a deadline to claim so that they can claim their lovely gift before their link expires. You can also manually push a reminder email for them to claim their gift as well.

When you're ready, please head to the main Gift Activity tab → filter your campaign → select the checkbox next to "Recipient" → Select all recipients → Expire gifts.

2) Make sure all outstanding invoices are paid, if any.

3) Confirm that all claimed gifts are successfully processed. 🚚

A claimed gift doesn't always mean that is has already been processed (shipped out). If a gift is claimed, it might take a few days for the gift to fully process. To ensure that your gifts claimed are cleared, please reach out to our Product Support Team via live chat or email ( and we will be able to confirm this on our end.

Once our team confirms that all gifts have been processed, then your campaign is all set! If you prepaid for your campaign, any remaining funds from the expired gifts and processed gifts (after invoicing) will be added back to your remaining balance.

4) Request a refund (optional)

Some admins like to keep the remaining funds on the Dashboard to issue future gifts. However, if you wish to be refunded for the remaining funds of your deposit/prepay, please request a refund with our Product Support team, and they will send a refund request form for you to submit.

Once submitted, the details will be sent to our Finance team to process your refund (every Tuesdays and Fridays). You will receive a confirmation email from the Finance team once your refund is issued. 🚀

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