Claim Rate Best Practices
Updated over a week ago

Congrats on your gift campaign 🎉

Let's get those gifts claimed!

Simply navigate to the Gift Activity page of your Snappy Dashboard → filter your Gift Status to “unclaimed." You will see a list of gift recipients that have yet to claim their gifts.

From here you can:

  • Re-send a notification
    Once you see the unclaimed list of recipients, simply click the "Resend All" button. That allows for a one-click way to resend the gift notification.

  • Share a unique link via Slack, SMS, Email, etc.
    On the same Gift Activity page, you can click the "Email Report" button. This report will show a list of gift links unique to each recipient, which you can share with them directly!

  • Send an email for your employees to look out for an email from Snappy.

💡 TIP: To ensure that your employees can receive their Snappy emails, please pass along our approved list to your IT team if you haven't already. They will be able to update your company network so that all Snappy emails are received. 🚀

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